Louisa Moon - Custom Colours
Louisa Moon - Custom Colours

Louisa Moon - Custom Colours

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Note: Turn around for this item is 10 business days plus shipping. For premade items see our collection 'Moons & Rainbows - Premade'. 

Louisa Moon

Sizing: The moons will alter slightly in size as each cotton colour varies slightly. This can change the size of the moon by 1 or 2 cm. The one pictured is 43cm long x 36cm wide.

Cotton Colours: You may choose up to 3 colours. Please specify colour/s in box provided. For multiple colours, if you are after a specific colour design please contact us in advance to see if it is possible. If you do not do this then we will make the design up with your colour choices. 

Flowers: Flowers are optional and they are chosen at random to match your cotton colours. They are stuck on so can not be altered afterwards. Flowers used are a mix of dried and preserved. We send our moons to Veronika from The Quirky Bunch to add the flowers. 

Flowers are very fragile. The moons are secured into the cardboard box for posting but minimal petal loss will happen. Boxes are labelled fragile. We have sent numerous moons in the post without issues. If you are concerned please order the moon without the flowers and then you can add your own.

We do our best to make each item a replica of the last, however since they are all handmade, there can be slight variations to each piece.