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Planties in a Knot

Sunshine Milestone Discs

Sunshine Milestone Discs

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Note: The yellow in the sample milestones is the colour 'sunflower'. The first two photos have darkened the colour, it is closer to the yellow on the colour chart. 

If you choose to add the extra name plaque - this will be a first name only plaque as they are too small to fit multiple names on. 

Each milestone is handknotted. We have designed these to bring you unique and creative new ideas for photographing your new born. 

Photograph your bundle of joy at 1 week, 1 month, 2 months and so on until their First birthday. 

In collaboration with another local small business, Carter & Co Designs, we have designed these unique and modern moons. 




Do not leave baby unattended with this product; these are intended as photography props and home decor for use by adults only. They are not a baby toy.

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