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Planties in a Knot

Hat Hanger - Horizontal

Hat Hanger - Horizontal

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The perfect way to display and store your hats. Our design uses large gaps between knots to ensure a flexible and light hold, meaning the cotton will nicely shape around your hat and simply support it. It will not squeeze the hat.

Turn around for this item is 4 business days for tasmanian oak, and up to 1 week for Natural Branch (as these are harder to obtain and require a cleaning process), plus shipping.

Double Hat Hangers  HORIZONTAL

Will fit any hat with a brim wider than 2 inches, and a firm crown. Available on natural branch or Tasmanian Oak dowel 

Please note Natural Branches are picked at random and we can not guarantee the thickness or colour of the branch. 

We do provide a hanging cord for this piece, however do not recommend hanging from the cord for Doubles or Triples, as when you remove a hat it will then alter the weight of the design and fall off the wall. Instead of hanging from a cord, we suggest to hang directly from the wooden dowel. Simply have it sit on two nails or hooks at either end of dowel or branch.



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